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Atlanta 404-855-3770
Baltimore 410-690-0964
Boston 617-765-4644
Cleveland 216-920-5022
Charlotte 704-209-4747
Dallas 214-396-4280
Detroit 313-347-4607
Denver 303-828-0727
Honolulu 808-678-8699
Houston 713-936-2892
Indianapolis 317-353-3828
Las Vegas 702-534-6686
Los Angeles 213-867-2074
Minneapolis 612-524-5793
New Orleans 504-541-9147
New York 646-558-6340
Nashville 615-777-0778
Orange County 714-549-3364
Orlando 407-476-2230
Philadelphia 215-933-3665
Phoenix 602-753-2660
Portland 503-501-2506
Reno 775-636-7588
San Diego 619-609-0860
San Francisco 415-968-5535
Seattle 206-832-0310
Washington D.C. 202-827-1010
St. Louis 314-261-9595
San Antonio 210-556-1756

Communication Products on Rent – Two Way Radios, Push To Talk, Walkie Talkie, Smart Phones and Wireless Internet Rental

TCS has an experience of more than a decade for offering special event rentals including two way radios, push to talk, smart phones, audio accessories and wireless internet rental services to the special events, production, convention, meetings, trade shows, motion picture industries etc. If you are looking for temporary communication solutions and planning to rent two way radios, push to talk or wireless internet services, then your search ends here as we have a wide range of wireless communication devices which include Motorola 2 way radio rentals, Kenwood two way radio rentals and Vertex two way radio rentals. We also provide best quality and resistance to dust Sprint & Nextel push to talk rentals and walkie talkie rentals which can allow you to talk to your workforce in vast outdoor areas. Our company is based in Orange County, Huntington Beach, CA, but our offices are located in other parts of the country like Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs and Las Vegas due to which we are able to provide specialized services to our clients in a timely manner. Besides radio rentals and push to talk rental services, we also provide wireless internet rentals, mi fi rentals, air card rentals as well as smart phones rental including iPhones on rent and cellphones rentals at affordable prices. We provide only high quality and state-of-the-art communication products including audio accessories like headsets, surveillance Mics, speaker microphones on rent to guarantee problem free communication onsite. Our company is known as one of the best communication products rental company in California as our technical staff has experience and expertise in installation as well as implementation of communication products like convention rentals and production rentals enabling you to have hassle free communication with your workforce.



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